Bantu Knots

BENEFITS:  Moisture & Length


1. On clean hair, section hair into four quarters and dampen slightly with warm water

2. With each section, apply Soften Me! Leave In Butter, massaging gently into scalp.

3. Begin twisting each hair section with the Define Me! Curl Activating Cream, to make a tight secure bun.

STYLING TIP:  Use the Seal Me! Hair & Scalp sealing Oil to for added scalp hydration and hair moisturization in it’s protective style.

Flexi Rods

BENFITS:  Moisture & Definition


1. On wet or dry sectioned hair, apply Soften Me! Leave in Butter the generously

2. Take small sections of the hair and wrap around the flexi rod and twist it in place

3. Cover hair and keep overnight – or dry under a low heat dryer

4. Untwist and remove the flexi rods and style as desired with Afro comb or pik at the roots

STYLING TIP:  Finish off with Seal Me! Hair & Scalp Sealing Oil

Curl n Go

BENFITS: Hydration & Natural Curl Definition


1. Do Wash Procedure using Cleanse Me! Sulphate-Free Shampoo and then followed by Moisture Boost Me! Creamy Conditioner

2. Apply Define Me! Curl Activating Cream and Hold Me! Anti-Frizz Styling Gel to the hair

3. Rake through the hair with fingers or brush to help produce natural curl pattern from root to tip

STYLING TIP: For best results, allow to air dry. Apply the Curls in Bloom Perfume as needed to ensure fragrant Curl

Curl Up & Go

BENEFITS: Hydration & Low Maintenance


  1. On damp hair, apply the Define Me! Curl Activating Cream to nourish & moisturise your hair

2. Follow with Hold Me! Anti-Frizz Styling Gel

3. With a flat paddle brush/deman brush, brush hair into upward motion, to smooth hair. upward with flat paddle
brush or denman brush

4. Gently work your way up and tie with preferred accessory creating “puff”

STYLING TIP: Lay down your baby hairs with Hold Me! Anti Friz Styling Gel & a edge brush.