Curls in bloom Press Release Oct 2021

Spring is upon us and as the flowers are starting to bloom, a brand new South African natural haircare brand makes its debut, Curls in Bloom. Curls in Bloom is a local haircare brand that is a first-of-its-kind. Its ingredients are sustainably sourced from South African farms & all ingredients are ethically farmed from the rich South African Soil. The 11-set product range is infused with essential oils and floral waters that are sourced from the Qobo Qobo Essential Oils farm situated in the Amatola Mountains within the Eastern Cape. The dedicated farming community prides itself in being part of this brand and has given them a way to provide for their families.

Detangle Me!

Infused with coconut and rosemary, the Curls in Bloom Detangle Me! Pre-Shampoo (R119,95) leaves your hair moisturised and easier to manage. This Pre-Shampoo is perfect to use before your shampoo and prevents stripping your hair of its natural oils and nutrients.

Moisture Boost Me!

The Curls in Bloom Moisture Boost Me! Creamy Conditioner (R119,95)

is infused with Coconut and Cape Geranium has all the benefits of a great conditioner. This product leaves your hair moisturised, detangled, hydrated, soft and smooth. With so many great benefits this is a definite must-have for any and every wash day. 

Cleanse Me!

For those wash days where your hair needs that extra bit of cleansing the Curls in Bloom Cleanse Me! Sulphate-Free Shampoo (R119,95) cleanses and removes product build-up while leaving your hair nourished and soft.      

Restore Me!

A deep conditioner is a must have for any naturalista. A deep conditioner is vital when transitioning as it helps to restore your damaged hair and get it back to its natural self. The Curls in Bloom Restore Me! Deep Penetrating Conditioning Masque (R39,95) does exactly this through replenishing moisture and strengthening the hair. Its deep penetration effects leave one’s hair nourished, and soft and improve hair’s elasticity. This deep conditioner comes in a 250ml tub as well as a more affordable 50ml sachet which makes quality haircare accessible to everyone and a suitable size for travelling.

Grow Me!

We’ve just said goodbye to winter and some of us have also said goodbye to our hairlines after winter protective styles and over-manipulation of our hair. The Curls in Bloom Grow Me! Hair Growth Stimulator (119,95) is infused with tea tree oil, peppermint oil as well as aloe which forms the perfect combination to soothe and heal the scalp as well as promote hair growth.

Seal Me!

As naturals we tend to focus a lot on moisturising our hair, but we forget to seal in the moisture. Sealing the moisture with The Curls in Bloom Seal Me! Hair and Scalp Sealing Oil (R119,95) will leave your hair moisturised for longer. The sealing oil can be used on wet or dry hair as well as on your scalp and hair. The oil can also be used as a hot oil treatment for even further moisture retention.

Define Me!

After the long winter, it’s now time for us to fully embrace our curls, kinks and coils with The Curls in Bloom Define Me! Curl Activating Cream (R119,95). This curling cream is versatile and strong enough to define curls without weighing them down while leaving your hair soft and moisturised. The curling cream can also be used for twist-outs, braid-outs, finger coils as well as rod sets which makes it the perfect go-to product for those in the transitioning phase.

Soften Me!

Any great wash day styling session starts with a leave-in! The Curls in Bloom Soften Me! Leave-In Butter (R129,95) deeply conditions, hydrates and helps repair your hair from root to tip.

Hold Me!

The Curls in Bloom Hold Me! Anti-Frizz Styling Gel (R119,95) is formulated not to only prevent frizz in humid climates but allow long-lasting, all-day hold for curls without the flake and crunch, accentuating your natural curl pattern. The gel is lightweight and alcohol-free and can be used on curls, kinks or coils.

Hair Perfume!

No more smelly day 5 hair with the Curls in Bloom Hair Perfume (R99,95). The light and nourishing formulation gently scent your curls and coils with green apples, lilies of the valley and sandalwood. You can apply as much as needed as the product also fights frizz and leaves your hair nourished and soft all day long. 

Because #WeAreTheBloomers

Curls in Bloom prides itself in putting consumers and community first. It’s in everything Curls in Bloom stands for. It is an all-natural, vegan-friendly blend of hydrating floral waters, nourishing Shea Butter & moisturizing Castor, sourced from South African farms such as Qobo Qobo Essential Oils. They are organic growers of Rosemary & Cape Geranium, the perfect ingredients sustainably sourced & ethically farmed for the ultimate hair care range created for the conscious shopper. This Proudly South African brand is the first of its kind in the way it’s designed, sourced & manufactured. We are a blooming community of individuals that prides itself in putting our Bloomers first. Because #WeAreTheBloomers

PROUDLY SA Sustainable Sourcing

We are a Proudly South African, sustainably sourced, ethically farmed, upliftment of surrounding communities where the ingredients are sourced from, recyclable packs, vegan-friendly formulae, developed for the people, by the people.

ALL NATURAL Our Ingredients

The Curls in Bloom team went back to the source to meet the farming community at Qobo Qobo, the source of hydrating floral waters and nourishing essential oils for the Curls in Bloom haircare range. Watching the distillery in action we pay homage to the organically farmed ingredients, as well as the skilled farming community and project managers on the ground.

Qobo Qobo is a nonprofit, Essential oils Manufacturer, situated in the heart of Eastern Cape in South Africa, Keiskamahoek. Committed to uplifting the surrounding community, they have established ten independent farmer units to grow Rose Geranium, Cape Chamomile, and Wild Rosemary. The Farming units belong to local farmers, who take full control of crop production from planting to harvesting and distilling.

Coming to Qobo Qobo gives us the chance to tell the farmer’s stories and pay respect to the hands that have made Curls in Bloom possible.


Curls in Bloom is committed to investing into our future generations. We believe that the power of education can break the cycles of economic poverty & empower women to gain economic independence.  It is for this reason we have created a Curls in Bloom Scholarship fund.

The Scholarship fund is open to recipients who are Black South African females who are currently involved in tertiary or technical training and are consistently attaining above-average grades for their studies.

The Scholarship is a twofold opportunity. Not only do we afford successful candidates a scholarship to complete their studies, but the recipients will be afforded a 4-week internship program at Sunpac Pty Ltd.

The four-week program is an immersive opportunity that gives successful candidates an opportunity to overlay what they have learnt in the classroom and apply it to real-world experiences. They will have the benefit of building their business knowledge, entrepreneurial, leadership, communication & presentation and critical thinking skills in a hands-on, team-based environment.

Curls in Bloom has a responsibility to equip our youth with the necessary entrepreneurial spirit to drive change within themselves & within their surrounding community.

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